Welcome to The Art of Dentistry. We provide comprehensive dental care for the whole family. Our Services are Aesthetic composite restorations, Crowns, bridges and veneers, Implants...

Meet the dentists

Our mission:
The Art of Dentistry is a patient-centered dental practice with a mission of excellence in promoting, providing and preserving dental health.
Dr. Sarsam’s biography
Dr. Zina Sarsam has been a dentist since 1990, with a special focus on oral surgery, finished her Diploma in Oral Surgery in 1995. She is a friend to countless number of people all her life. She was a tomboy with 4 brothers, grew up to become a surgeon, who took a side trip to fall in love with playing the piano. Her days are filled with work, friends, church, and continuing education in dentistry, music and chess. She is easy going in her personality, but uncompromising with dentistry. Her sense of humor, humility, knowledge and genuine caring always win the affection of patients and turn them into lifelong friends
Dr. Suh’s biography
Dr. Sharry Suh graduated from UBC dentistry in 1994. Before embarking on that path, she was on her way to become an artist. After spending one year as a student at Emily Carr College of Art and Design while working as a dental hygienist, she found, unexpectedly, that she enjoyed helping people with creating their own health. So, she put art on hold. After graduating from dental school, she worked in Whitehorse for a year and unexpectedly again, she fell in love with beautiful, wild nature. Since starting her private practice in Burnaby in 1996, her path has involved learning more and more about health and dentistry, while trying to create a balanced life that included nature and art. Aside from continuing education in the fields of dentistry such as surgery, implantology, occlusion (bite relationship),and TMJ, she has also been keenly interested in alternative health modalities, nutrition and living responsibly.

Holistic dentistry is the natural outcome of all these interests. Creating beautiful smiles combines her two loves, dentistry and art.

Dr. Suh has been described as keenly perceptive, analytical, uncompromisingly perfectionist, and sometimes neurotic .